• Options 101: How To Use Historical Volatility

    Many traders often confuse implied volatility with historical volatility.  Implied volatility is what the market “expects” in the future.  Historical volatility essentially is a way to tell how far the stock might move in the future based on how fast it has been moving in the recent past.  ​It is a lagging indicator.  ​ Let’s take a closer look at what historical volatility is […]

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  • Union Pacific: Is There Any Hope?

    Summary UNP shares have continued their slide on the stock market this year as its entire business, except the automotive segment, is under pressure. UNP’s performance in the coal segment will weaken further as production and supply of the fossil fuel is declining as coal plants are being retired. Even in the intermodal segment, UNP […]

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  • Netflix Climbing The Stairs: Here’s How To Play It

    I was a tad premature in calling the end of the bounce in Netflix last week. With 14% of the float sold short, NFLX is presumably enjoying some short covering action as the rest of the market continues to rally from oversold conditions. Among the FANG stocks, Amazon and Facebook have been doing the heavy lifting […]

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  • Google’s “Other Bets” Are THE Reason You Want to Own GOOGL Stock

    Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL) just passed Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) to become the world’s most valuable company. Executives reported earnings of $8.67 per share on revenue of $21.32 billion, surpassing analyst expectations for both revenue and profits. That’s great… considering the best is yet to come. Analysts are having trouble with something Google calls “other bets” and the fact that those […]

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  • What to Do Now If You’re Short Twitter Stock

    We’ve talked a lot about why you want to pay attention to what Wall Street does, not what it says. Today we’re going to tackle that subject again. Why? Because you’ve got another king-sized opportunity with Twitter stock, or at least that’s what one analyst wants you to think. Before I tell you what it […]

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  • The Worse the Markets Get, the Better This Tactic Performs

    We’re sharing this Total Wealth with you today because, although the markets are closed, that’s likely only a temporary break from the heavy selling that’s pushing stocks down right now. But you can use the tactic Keith is about to show you as soon as the markets open tomorrow to get set up for superior […]

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  • Rich or Poor, You Can’t Ignore U.S. Treasuries in Today’s Markets

    There are a good number of investors who believe that U.S. Government Treasuries – notes in particular – are bad for you and even worse for your money at the moment. Why really doesn’t matter… rates might rise, deflation, a bond market bubble, there’s too much debt… they’re riskier than you think, goes the argument. […]

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  • Goldman Sachs Wants a “Revolution,” so Grab These Shares Now

    Goldman Sachs thinks they’ve spotted an economic anomaly – and they’re warning it may force the firm to redefine the nature of  capitalism itself. In a research note, produced by a team of analysts and released earlier this year to clients, the firm highlights the fact that profit margins in the United States and elsewhere […]

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  • Apple: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of App Store Sales

    Summary Apple App Store customers opt for other Apple devices based on apps already purchased. The gap between Apple and Google downloads is widening, not shrinking. Apps revenue to ultimately drive more sales of Apple computer products. App Annie Report: Facts, Figures and the Future App Annie released their 2015 retrospective and it makes for […]

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  • Designing an Investment Portfolio

    Forefield2 PRINT What is meant by “designing an investment portfolio”? Designing an investment portfolio is the process of determining which investment vehicles will help you pursue your personal goals. First, you’ll want to identify the personal investment goals that you would like to fulfill. These goals will be closely tied to a number of factors, […]

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