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Listen to Jeff explain how AIM leads to a blissful retirement on the Blissful Living podcast with Rochel Marie Lawson

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Jeff Weber, author of “Here Are the Customers’ Yachts” and other books on investing with the AIM system (the Automatic Investing Method) was the special guest on the May 5th 2017 edition of the Blissful Living Podcast, hosted by Rochel Marie Lawson:

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Here is a list of topics from the fun discussion.  A link to the podcast on Rochel’s website is at the end of this article.

  • What is the Automated Investing Method? (AIM)
  • What to do when interest rates are low
  • How a book by Robert Lichello changed Jeff’s investing life
  • Why active investing is necessary in our world of low interest rates
  • How to invest actively and safely
  • What is contrarian investing?
  • The benefits of contrarian investing
  • Why contrarian investing leads to big profits
  • Why long term options (LEAPS) maximize your profits month over month
  • How to make maximum profits with the safest Dow Jones Industrial stocks
  • How to keep 50% of your portfolio in cash to protect your investments, minimize risks, and maximize your potential to capitalize on market changes (all benefits of the AIM system)
  • How to start with as little as $1,000
  • Major benefits of using the AIM investing method
  • Why AIM method works in every type of market: bear, bull, or flat
  • How AIM works with 2 hours or less of work every month
  • How Jeff Weber can help you get started with AIM
  • Why everyone needs to claim responsibility for their own retirement
  • Why AIM is perfect for an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
  • Example: investing $72,000 into McDonald’s 11 years ago, it is now $1.2M using AIM.
  • How to get started with AIM
  • How to get a free copy of Jeff’s original book (350 pages long)
  • Hot to get a free 1-year subscription of Jeff’s monthly newsletter
  • How well Jeff’s basic portfolio has done through the 2001 and 2008 major corrections
    • Answer: it has grown from $15,000 to $151,000 in 24 years
  • Why AIM loves recessions (Answer: you BUY LOW when others are SELLING LOW)
  • Why you shouldn’t expect Social Security to take care of your retirement income
  • How you can take control of your own retirement investing
  • Worth noting – Jeff is not selling any brokerage accounts or investing accounts.  He does not earn any commissions on the stocks or investments that he talks about.  His method can be used by ANYONE.
  • How to avoid being taken advantage of (like some well-known celebrities)
  • Great quote from Jeff: “If you don’t take care of yourself when you can, there’s nobody who will take care of you when you can’t.”
  • The difference between spending $1,000 on a TV vs investing $1,000 with AIM. (Hint – don’t buy the TV!)
  • How Bernard Baruch made billions in the stock market
  • Why the stock market is like a roller coaster (and how AIM take full advantage of this fact)
  • Why AIM works for the rest of your life
  • How AIM can work for investors with $1,000 to $1 Million in investing assets
  • How AIM doubles as an emergency cash fund
  • How 100% of all “sells” under the AIM system are profitable – by design.  It is impossible to sell an investment for less than you bought it.
  • The definition of a LEAP
  • How to invest with options so they never expire
  • How to get Jeff’s 30 years of experience investing with the AIM method
  • Why AIM is a good investment strategy for people with busy lives (hint: the “A” stands for AUTOMATIC)
  • The difference between “calls” and “puts” with options
  • Why Jeff prefers “calls” over “puts” in the AIM system
  • Two crucial reasons why investing with long term options is better than purchasing the stock
  • Different types of options – and which ones AIM uses (hint – the simplest, safest ones)
  • Why people benefit from getting Jeff’s help as they start with AIM investing
  • Why it’s best to own and control your money yourself (you don’t need to send it to Jeff or any broker by using AIM)
  • The iconic story behind “Here are the customers yachts”
  • How to get in touch with Jeff (since you are already on his website, use his CONTACT page)

As you can see, Jeff covered an amazing amount of valuable information in this show!

Click here or the image below to listen to the full episode.  Enjoy the show so you can start using AIM to make your investments as blissful as possible!

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